The Daughters of the King is an Order for women and was organized in 1885. Every Daughter pledges herself to a lifelong program of prayer, service, and personal evangelism, dedicated to the extension of Christ's kingdom and to the strengthening of the spiritual life of her parish. By the reaffirmation of the promises made at confirmation, every Daughter undertakes a Rule of Life, incorporating the Rule of Prayer and the Rule of Service. Chapters are organized within parishes, missions, and institutions with the consent of the priest, chaplain, or bishop with as few as three communicant women, who serve a three month training of membership. Chapters may not raise money in the name of the Order, but rather seek to assist wherever possible with prayer and service. St. John's has a chapter of DOK.


Daughters are young and old, rich and poor, beautiful and plain, community leaders and mothers, doctors and teachers, secretaries, executives and housewives, sinful and wavering, generous and strong. In short, we are ordinary human beings enabled by God's grace to do His work. We are women dedicated to serving our Lord and building up His Church. There are more than 18,000 of us in the United States and throughout the world. Yet we have an importance in the work of the Church far beyond our numbers. The emblem of our Order is a silver Greek cross, which members wear at all times. Latin words inscribed on this cross broadly translate, "With lofty heart, mind, and spirit uphold the Cross." The initials, FHS, at the base of the Cross remind us that our prayer, service, and evangelism are done "For His Sake."


If you are interested in becoming a Daughter of the King or for more information, please call the church office, 760-347-3265.