About Us

St. John’s is an Episcopal Church with an emphasis on social justice and a traditional style of worship where all are welcome. We are a diverse faith community serving Indio. We believe that the kingdom of God is made visible in our proclamation of the Gospel and in loving acts of serving others. We are a congregation that believes that all are gifted by God and in baptism called to share the grace and mercy of God that we have been so freely given. We are young and old gathered in worship, education and service.

Our Core Values


  • Social Justice that reflects the Kingdom of God:
  • Actively loving our neighbors as ourselves
  • Transforming our institutions to create an equitable society
  • Being an advocate with and for others for change
  • Inclusiveness
  • Openness
  • Celebrating the gifts of each person
  • Respect for each person
  • Extending the grace given to us
  • Generosity
  • Reflecting the abundance God has given us in our dealings with others.
  • Active Faith:
  • Empowering initiative
  • Creating new possibilities
  • Unafraid to challenge ourselves and take risks
  • Encouraging people to grow both personally and spiritually