At the center of our worship are the sacraments which our prayer book defines as: “outward and visible signs of inward and spiritual grace, given by Christ as sure and certain means by which we receive that grace.”



The Eucharist is our central service because we believe that we were commanded by Jesus Christ to eat the bread and drink the wine as a way of remembering that he died for us. Through the Eucharist we remember that Christ is with us in the Spirit since rising from the dead.


We eat his meal in anticipation that Christ will one day return in glory.


We believe that in the elements of the wine and bread is the real presence of Christ with us, strengthening us for service to the world.



Baptism is also an important sacrament to us. It is in baptism that we renounce evil and accept Jesus as our savior. We state our trust that he will be with us on our life’s journey and will give us at our end eternal life. We announce our belief that we share the death of Christ and his resurrected life.


At Baptism we become members of the kingdom of God manifested in the Church. Our Baptism calls us to a life of pursuing justice for others, and a common life of learning, fellowship and prayer.